I have a Fender Coronado 2.The body looks like the originalbut is not the correct one for the neck.The neck is worn but straight and incredibly fast. It's definitely originalas several experts verified and it'sfairly obvious.I'm not going to utilize it so I'dlike to sell it to someone that appreciatesthin model necks. Thanks, Xavier P / 609-519-6188. Ad number: #388891550 Contact: Xavier City: ...
Guitar sound effects POd
Well Actually It s More Than a Mute. It s a Resonator and Mute Combined.The "Harp Wah" by Roly Platt More Info here: https://www.harmonicamute.comAdds a Trumpet Mute-like Brassy Tone to Your Harmonica Kit Bag. The 1st of its kind device for diatonic harmonica Unique, controllable wah and mute effects for acoustically-played harp$45 USD + Shipping What You Get:Anodized, polished aluminum Harp Wa...
Rarely used. Includes instructions. Where White's Canyon meets Plum Canyon.
Piano is in good condition, cared for by one owner. Leonard brand, made by Grinelle Brothers in Detroit, Michigan. Includes bench. Buyer must move the piano.
Great condition. Just needs to be tuned
Featuring KORG's proprietary AI2 sound engine producing 300+ incredibly realistic stereo sampling tone. This model delivers the most sophisticated, most accurate and finest Acoustic Grand Piano Sound! Every detail of the acoustic grand piano in Korg's c-900 Concert Series is reproduced with completely natural sonic quality. KORG's advanced sound technology is what made KORG be the choice of pro...
Nice Mapex "Big City" Horizon jazz kit here for sale. Still fairly new, no dents or scratches, heads are good. **SHELL PACK** (no hardware just drums). Transparent Cherry Red (wrap is clean, wood is good). Birch wood. Specs: 14inch snare, 10 and 12 inch rack toms, 14inch floor tom, 18 inch kick
Original Issue. 40 watts with 12'' speaker. 3 channels and footswitch. Customized with Fender tilt back legs. Comes with custom made "Studio Slip" cover. Sweet deal!
KORG G2 ACOUSTIC GUITAR PROCESSOR EC, 9 types of effects including limiter, EQ and exciter, chorus, delay, reverb, notch filter and 12 string simulation, up to 7 effects at once, chromatic tuner, 9 user programmable memory locations, 1/4" input and output, headphone jack, includes AC and manual in box. Very little use. The sound is really great, especially if you edit the 12 string simulat...
Yamaha KM802 powered Keyboard Mixer with rack ears. 8 channels with 3 auxs for FXs. Very versatile! Use for Keyboards, drum machines, sub mixes. Great live and recording tool!
Sunn SR-4100 PA Head 100 Watts 4 Channels with Reverb with (2) Sunn Model 2M PA Columns 2 12" Speakers and a Horn. Very clean sound. Very rugged construction. Super deal!
BRAND NEW GOLDEN CUP JH2006 ACCORDION Was purchased for $3000. Includes: - Original case - Books of music notes ***PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE** Feel free to contact me if interested and for additional pictures.
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